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Dr. Dayna has helped me in all facets of my health. From my hip and back alignments, to helping me recover from a torn labrum in my shoulder, Dr. Dayna has successfully provided me with care for over 12 years. Along with chiropractic care, Dr. Dayna has also provided me with superior care mentally. Struggling with vertigo twice in my life, I reached out to Pure Health Inc. and was back to normal after just two sessions. I highly recommend Dr. Dayna for any health problems.


I saw Dayna when I was in the worst way. She was amazing in educating me on my options and providing me the best professional care. She honest and very personable I would highly recommend! Can’t wait to return!


Multi faceted Chiropractor who is thorough and was able to correct my chronic pain. I'm a neurology patient as well as a Chiropractic patient. I highly recommend Dr. Dayna.

Very skilled Chiropractic Neurologist , I refer to her often on specialized cases.


Dr. Dayna is a very caring physician who goes above and beyond for her patients.


Every time I see Dayna for an ailment, she amazes me. Feel better each visit.

Dr. D is amazing! Always feeling great after leaving her office! Highly recommend her!

I needed someone who could take a systemic approach to my health, rather than reducing me to a symptom or body part. In one visit, Dr Nevar identified the root cause of pain that had eluded other professionals for months.


Dr. Dayna is the most compassionate, understanding, caring, and amazingly knowledgeable doctor I have ever gone to for symptoms I've been dealing with for 22 years. I am so blessed to have found her. She changed my life!!

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